The ALC Data Lab is a platform dedicated to providing open data analyses, scalable data explorations, and robust data visualizations for security, peacebuilding and development related-themes across the African continent. It is a project borne out of the need for a veritable and reliable data warehouse,  with great ease of access for policy-makers, researchers and interested scholars across the African continent. We are harnessing the tools of big data and other cutting-edge digital technologies to provide this access.

The Data Lab currently features datasets on the Fragile States, RAND Database of African Terrorism Index, African Military Expenditure, Global Gender Gap Index,  Ebola Statistical Reports amongst others. We have a robust data warehousing platform to help store relevant peace and security datasets with open access to scholars from Africa. A major project of the Data Lab is the African Geography of Conflicts which shows a geo-mapping visualization of timeline and chronology of major intra-state and inter-state conflicts in Africa since 1950 (This is an on-going project). We are working on complementing this with other multi-method approaches to enhancing data credibility and accuracy. We also have infographic representations of data to help those who may not be statistically savvy to understand the datasets and data stories.