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New household data from Ghana project deposited for re-analysis

Subject: New household data from Ghana project deposited for re-analysis


Are you looking for an interesting research project where you can undertake your own analysis of existing datasets? If yes, then some of our evaluation data might help!



The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) was created to explicitly demonstrate how the Millennium Development Goals could be achieved at the local level, using an integrated and scaled-up set of targeted investments based on the recommendations of the United Nations Millennium Project. The interventions are implemented in 10 countries and cover food production, nutrition, education, health services, roads, energy, communications, water supply and sanitation, enterprise diversification, environmental management and business development. The MVP in Northern Ghana is the first to be accompanied by an independent evaluation, which was commissioned by the Department for International Development (DFID).


The independent evaluation of the Millennium Villages Project in Northern Ghana has made available extensive annual household datasets as part of DFID’s commitment to open data access. The project interviewed a total of 2,110 households in treatment and control areas over five years in order to assess the impact of the programme. So far, the baseline, Year 1 and Year 2 datasets are online. We will be shortly publishing the Year 3 dataset in spring 2017 and the endline in 2018.



The datasets are available through the UK Data Service.



You will need to fill out a Special License application as the datasets contain detailed information about the research subjects. The application is process is straightforward and requires information about your research project and how you intend to use the data.


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