RESEARCH REPORT: Knowledge Production on Peace and Security in Africa: Mapping the epistemic terrain of peace and security in Africa (1960-2018)

There are thousands of research outputs from studies on the subject of peace and security across Africa. The different findings and themes emanating from these diverse studies have been published in different sources including academic journals, conference proceedings, chapters in books, and books reviews but without a concrete attempt at mapping the entire process involved in the production and dissemination of these findings. This study deploys the tools of network analysis and bibliometrics to map out the citation patterns amongst peace and security scholars affiliated to institutions in Africa with a view to providing deeper insights into the prevalent keyword usage, keyword co-occurrences, and prevalent themes through the decades from the 1960s until 2018. The mapping focused primarily on peace and security-themed academic articles published by African scholars who are affiliated to African-based institutions between 1960 and the first quarter of 2018. This study is limited to only peer-reviewed academic articles published in English.

- Damilola Adegoke and Olawale Oni


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Adegoke, D. and Oni O., 2018, Knowledge Production on Peace and Security in Africa: Mapping the Epistemic Terrain of Peace and Security in Africa 1960–2018, African Leadership Centre, King's College London.

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